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Your Pay Under the Microscope: The OFCCP’s New Rules and How to Conduct an EEO Pay Analysis 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM(Eastern Time)

Intercall Conferencing Webinar
Virtual Room entrance begins at 1:45p.m. EST
Presenter Mickey Silberman
Washington, District of Columbia 20006
United States 


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Your Pay Under the Microscope – The OFCCP’s New Rules and How to Conduct an EEO Pay Analysis, Ensure its Privileged and Protect Your Organization 

During the past year, OFCCP has greatly increased its focus on pay discrimination in support of the President Obama’s goal of closing the “pay gap.” Two new regulations will soon require employers to allow “pay transparency” for all employees and applicants and will require employers to annually submit to OFCCP detailed pay data, work hours, race and gender for all employees at all locations throughout the country.  These new rules, along with a radically changed OFCCP scheduling letter (which initiates audits) that requires employers to submit far more detailed pay data than ever before, “change the game” for pay discrimination and will create much greater exposure for employers who don’t proactively analyze their pay data and find pay discrepancies.  More than ever, employers need to undertake self-audits of their pay practices to identify and fix problemsbefore OFCCP comes knocking.  This webinar will educate you about the new rules and will teach you how to conduct an effective EEO pay analysis, keep it privileged and protect your organization.



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